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Cosmetic Dentistry At Your Dentist Chilliwack, BC

Teeth are like any part of the human body. They inevitably degenerate over time as we age. Genetic predispositions, lifestyle choices, accidents, and a number of other factors can factor into your teeth being an area where you’d like to see an improvement, and we’re here to help you for whatever reason you’d like to improve the appearance of your teeth. We offer teeth whitening, veneers, bleaching, gum contouring, lumineers (ultra-thin veneers that require only 2 office visits), and more.


Two of the most typical aims for people visiting an orthodontist in Chilliwack are straightening their teeth or correcting an overbite. We’re fortunate that modern technology makes orthodontic procedures extremely effective these days.

We specialize in fitting patients with Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign are the equal of conventional braces for straightening and properly aligning teeth, but what makes them popular is the fact that they don’t leave the patient with visible fixtures on their teeth like conventional braces. Instead, these fittings are clear and are only visible up close. From a distance, your smile will seem as natural as ever!


For over 20 years, Invisalign has invested in innovations and technological advancements to make it possible to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues, from simple to complex. Rest assured, Invisalign clear-aligner treatment is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, backed by more than two decades of innovation. And, at Garrison Dentist Chilliwack, our entire practice team is here to improve your oral health and support you through this journey.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

At Garrison Dentist Chilliwack, we offer dental crowns, a long-lasting and affordable option to strengthen and protect your tooth that has been damaged or affected by decay. They look just like a natural tooth and not only help enhance your smile but also contribute to restoring your ability to bite and chew..

There are a variety of reasons your dentist may recommend a dental crown, including:

  • Decayed tooth.
  • Injured / Cracked tooth.
  • Cosmetic purposes (to restore a tooth’s colour, shape, or size)
  • Teeth that have undergone procedures, such as root canal treatments.
  • For covering a dental implant.
  • Supporting teeth with large fillings.
  • For affixing a dental bridge.

Taking Care of Your Dental Crowns

Dental crowns typically have a lifespan ranging from five to fifteen years. By maintaining optimal oral hygiene practices, a dental crown is more likely to withstand normal wear and tear. Special care for dental crowns is not required; adhering to the daily oral hygiene routines recommended by your dentist is generally sufficient for their maintenance.

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